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By spreading some green, Depauville man encourages the spirit of Christmas

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The video shows a man approaching a woman checking out at Aldi on Arsenal Street. She has a full cart, and the man interrupts her as she prepares to pay.

“I’m trying to help people at Christmas. So, here’s $100 toward your purchase,” the stranger tells her.

“Oh my!” the woman exclaims. “Thank you so much!”

They hug and the man says, “Merry Christmas.” People in line cheer. One gives the benefactor a high-five. “Thank you,” he responds, and exits, leaving in his wake a hovering spirit of Christmas.

The $100 giveaway is repeated at Aldi later in the day. This time, an elderly gentleman is the $100 recipient. The giver goes into his spiel: “I’m trying to do something to spread the joy at Christmas time.”

“Oh! Thank you very much!” the gentleman responds, accepting the offering. He would later turn around and give the $100 gift card to another person; a woman with children in tow whom he thought was more needy than him. She cried at that benefaction.

It’s all part of Kirk S. Gilchrist’s “Spread the Joy: 12 Days of Giving” campaign. He spent one day, Tuesday, Dec. 5, visiting 12 sites around the city as an associate recorded him giving away cash and gift cards. He hoped to motivate the recipients to do something similar in return if possible.

“I want to give back to the community, but also to kind of spur something,” Gilchrist, a Depauville resident, said on Monday. “It’s the whole idea that Christmas is about giving and this is about giving. I’ve had a very good year in real estate, I love the community I live in so, how can I give back? I just thought this was a good idea.”

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The Values of Giving, Compassion and Family, Flourishing Across the World: Survey Shows

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A recent worldwide investigation into human goodness and thoughtfulness found that, delightfully, it’s broadly distributed across cultures even in difficult times. Far from being monopolized by benevolent-seeming social democracies, the degree to which humans will reach out a helping hand is strong no matter where one lives.

Using data from the World Giving Index, the World Bank, The Charities Aid Foundation, proprietary surveys, the Global Philanthropic Index, the WHO, and more, the postcard courier service MyPostcard has created the Most Thoughtful Societies Index.

In the ranking for overall private charitable contributions, the most thoughtful society is Indonesia, while coming in at number 2 is Australia.

In terms of international charitable contributions, i.e. the amount that people from one country donate to another as a percentage of gross national income, the United States’ philanthropists gave the most.

The U.S. is also the most compassionate society, as determined by measures of how much people feel they support one another. Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria follow before any other nations.

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