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Why you should wear eclipse glasses on April 8

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Dr. Debra A. Koloms will tell you why you’ll have to wear specialized glasses for the solar eclipse on April 8.

Koloms is a local ophthalmologist, so she knows the importance of keeping your eyes protected during the total eclipse that day.

And this will be her third eclipse viewing — she witnessed one on a cruise ship in California in 1991 and in southern Illinois in 2017.

“Without glasses, looking at the sun is very dangerous,” she said.

Viewing the eclipse without glasses can burn a hole in your retina or damage it permanently, she said.

Koloms is an eye surgeon at Samaritan Medical Center and is ophthalmologist and medical director of the Center for Sight with patients in Watertown and Ogdensburg.

Koloms cannot emphasize enough the need for a pair of eclipse glasses for spectators.

“I don’t want you to be my patient,” she said.

She advised to wear glasses that are specifically for the eclipse and much darker than sunglasses. Regular sunglasses should not be used to look at the sun.

Just check that they have the International Organization for Standardization, or the ISO certification, on them to make sure they are suitable glasses, Koloms said.

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