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Farmer Combats Flooding by Returning Creeks to Nature: ‘Wildlife That Has Come is Phenomenal’

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In the UK, farmers are combatting flooding by returning areas of their farms to a more natural state, and seeing the benefits not only in wildlife returning but in flood mitigation.

James Robinson, an intergenerational farmer from Cumbria in the northwest, has worked together with the Ullswater Catchment Management CIC to turn a number of areas of his farm into wetland havens where birds and invertebrates have come back in phenomenal numbers.

To explain a long, related, and detail-filled story in brief, flooding is the UK’s major natural hazard, and part of reason is that many waterways—even small ones—were turned into deep and straight canals hundreds of years ago to permit boats to travel across the country.

Rivers and streams that are deep, straight, and have high banks channel water at much greater volumes and speed than natural, meandering streams—a process which is exactly what some UK farmers like James Robinson have been working to reverse.

The Ullswater CIC, or Community Interest Company, has watched their model of stream restoration spread across the region, which for English readers includes Glenridding, Windermere, West and South Cumbria, and Ullswater.

“People seem to like this model,” said Danny Teasdale, the CEO of Ullswater Catchment Management, in a long, on-site interview conducted by DEFRA.

“And then farmers talk and then someone else will get in touch. We are growing. We’ve been able to employ local contractors, and any money that comes into the CIC goes locally as well,” he said.

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