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Gourmet Meals Cooked Over Molten Lava: Foodies Offer One-of-a-Kind Experience in Ancient Canyon (LOOK)

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This pop-up event in Saudi Arabia used molten lava to cook food for diners.

The unbelievable scene was produced by experimental creatives at London-based Bompas & Parr studio, utilizing research from a leading expert in molten rock, Professor Robert Wysocki of Syracuse University in the U.S.

Guests were seated in The Shlal Canyon at AlUla and served dishes of local produce, seared using the intense 2,462°F (1,350°C) heat of lava channeled from a volcano.

For 700 SAR ($186) per person, the menu featured whole salt-baked celeriac, charred fillets of beef finished across molten lava, and pit-roasted saddles of goat grilled across fire pits.

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