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14-Year-old Grabs Wheel of His School Bus After Driver Passes Out with Foot on the Gas

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An eighth-grade Wisconsinite is being hailed as a hero after grabbing hold of the wheel of his school bus after the driver lost consciousness.

His heroics have earned him plaudits from the mayor’s office, city council, fire and rescue, and the police department, and the young man has said the incident has made him feel more confident.

It started when Acie Holland III boarded his school bus as per his normal routine in April. He joked with the bus driver for a moment, then she put on some headphones, and the bus rumbled off.

Holland though told CNN he understood something wasn’t right when the driver began to appear dizzy. Soon after, her head dropped, but the bus continued to accelerate past a turn on the route.

“She turned the corner and there’s another street that we usually turn on. She pressed the gas and went past the corner, and I looked up,” Holland said.

Coming to the front, he found the driver unresponsive and the bus veering into oncoming traffic.

In what he later described as a fight or flight situation, Holland moved the driver aside, took the wheel and safely parked the bus on the side of the road, calling 911 after it had come to a halt and telling each student to call their parents.

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‘Miracle’ Evacuation from Burning Japanese Airplane Credited to ‘Disciplined’ Passengers and Crew

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The next time you’re aboard a plane watching the safety demonstrations, don’t brush them off as unnecessary details of a catastrophe that won’t save anyone—because on a runway in the Japanese Airport of Haneda, they saved 379 souls.

“The Miracle on Haneda” as it’s being called, saw an Airbus A350 owned by Japan Airlines set completely ablaze but every passenger and crew member escaping to safety.

Inquests into the incident detail that the pilot received the all-clear from the control tower to land, but a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft was crossing the runway at the time. Striking it, the plane caught fire and had to come to a complete stop from landing speed before the evacuation could take place.

Footage taken from social media shows the passengers filming the fire from inside the plane shortly after landing, with the vast majority of those on board remaining remarkably calm.

“I heard an explosion about 10 minutes after everyone and I got off the plane,” 28-year-old passenger Tsubasa Sawada, told Reuters. “I can only say it was a miracle, we could have died if we were late.”

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Hero Honeymooners Rescue Sleeping Babies from Burning Nursery in Spain: ‘Instinct Took Over’

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Picture it: you and your spouse are on your honeymoon in Europe, you see a burning building, you decide to be heroes and run inside through the smoke and you end up in a room with panicking nurses, 20 sleeping infants, and no one speaks English.

Incredibly, that was the situation Rhode Island honeymooners David Squillante and Doran Smith found themselves in last month in Barcelona.

The newlywed 38-year-olds were on their way to tour a park when they saw a group of women standing around panicking next to a doorway, out of which was wafting thick smoke.

“I saw a flame coming out of the doorway, next to the door that these women had come out of,” Smith said. “So, I said ‘Oh my God there’s a fire.’”

Who knows what possessed the non-Spanish speaking honeymooners to run inside the burning building, as there was nothing on the exterior that hinted at the precious cargo within; they could have just been running into a normal apartment building.

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Victims Assistance Center to honor heroes, raise funds at community barbecue

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WATERTOWN — It’s no secret the past few years have been difficult for everyone. Amid the global pandemic and tensions abroad, many people have still been dealing with domestic violence and abuse.

The Victims Assistance Center of Jefferson County provides services to people who are impacted by violence or crime through advocacy, education and emotional support.

The agency is 96% grant-funded and its budgets have been impacted immensely in recent years. All services through the VAC are free of charge for clients, and the organization is hopeful it can continue with this. Fundraising events help support the Child Advocacy Center, a program of the VAC. The Child Advocacy Center provides a safe, neutral and child-friendly setting for victims of abuse and neglect to receive healing services. In 2021, the CAC served 1,294 children facing child abuse, neglect and sexual assault, as well as witnesses to domestic violence.

This year, the VAC will hold a Night of Heroes drive-thru chicken barbecue dinner catered by Worth Gold Farms to raise money for the CAC while honoring its local heroes for 2020 and 2022. In 2020, an event to honor the awarded hero did not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2020 hero was physician assistant Regina Wetterhahn, who has been a medical provider for the CAC for more than a decade. During that time, she has provided specialized care and expertise to children needing a medical exam as a result of allegations of abuse.

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