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4-month-old Baby Sucked Up into Tornado is Found Asleep and Unharmed in a ‘Cradle’ of Fallen Tree Limbs

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Sydney Moore watched as the bassinet containing her infant son Lord followed the roof of her mobile home up into the funnel of a tornado—ensuring, she thought, that she would never see him again.

Without time to shed a tear, she threw herself atop her 1-year-old boy just as the walls collapsed on them both.

Outside, her car was obliterated, and the area around her Clarksville Tennessee mobile home was completely destroyed.

Surviving the collapse of the home, she searched desperately for the 4-month-old with her boyfriend, who had been thrown by the force of the funnel which broke his arm and shoulder

“I thought he was dead,” Moore told WSMV in a sober voice. “I thought he was dead and I’d never see him again.”

Then, a miracle.

“It was like a little tree cradle,” Moore remembered. Her baby was but for a cut unscathed, lying asleep in the crook of a fallen tree. Moore’s sister remembered thinking that it looked for all the world as if little Lord had been placed there, as if an angel had guided him through the storm.

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