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Good Samaritan Surprising Strangers with Kindness Every Day for 3 Years Is Crowned UK Hero with a Statue

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Sebbie Hall was just 17 when he decided to dedicate his life to helping others. And it took only 3 years for the nation to recognize him as a hero—as the UK’s kindest person.

He works tirelessly to help others and has founded his own charity to encourage others to follow his lead, The Sebbie Hall Kindness Foundation, which helps vulnerable youngsters.

During his three years of good work, he donated 400 coats and blankets to homeless charities, gifted 800 toys to children’s homes, and even used his own pocket money during his teens to pay for stranger’s coffees.

Now 20, the kind hero from Lichfield who was born with a rare chromosome anomaly initially started spreading kindness during lockdown after discovering classmates didn’t have access to a computer.

His first thought was to donate his own device but conscious this wouldn’t help all his pals, he raised money to buy them a laptop each by carrying out kind acts—like washing cars.

Following a search for the UK’s kindest people by KIND Snacks, he has been crowned the UK’s 2023 Kind Hero and honored with a statue near Tower Bridge in London alongside the likes of Captain Cook, Winston Churchill, and Jo Newby, the KIND Snacks 2022 Hero, who has fostered 92 children in her time as a volunteer foster mom.

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California Costco Worker Returns Envelope Containing Nearly $4,000 in Cash

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A Costco employee as honest as the day is long is being celebrated after returning an envelope of $4,000 cash to a shopper.

John Sotelo had set himself a goal of working hard enough through August to make Employee of the Month, and thanks to his selfless act, he now has a plaque hanging on the wall of the store.

At the Costco on Shaw and Clovis Avenue in Clovis, California, Sotelo was putting away cases of bottled water when something on one of the pallets caught his eye. It was an envelope it seemed.

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A New Study Finds that Performing Acts of Kindness Improves Mental Health Symptoms

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Humans are hardwired to feel good when performing acts of kindness towards others, an imperative trait in any animal that evolves to live and hunt in social groups.

This is such a truism that performing random acts of kindness for other people was more effective in reducing symptoms of depression than specifically planning activities for the sake of enjoyment, a new study found.

The study sought to test methods of cognitive behavioral therapy, a non-pharmaceutical treatment for depression and anxiety that’s proven to work through confronting patterns of thought and behavior that lead to depressive or anxious thoughts, and consciously moving away from them by retraining one’s brain.

The methods included random acts of kindness, such as buying a stranger’s coffee at Starbucks or baking cookies for the mailman, as well as planning fun activities twice a week and “cognitive reappraisal,” which coaches people with depression or anxiety to record triggering thoughts, and actively contemplate what would make the resulting stress diminish.

The participants would record a variety of feelings as measurements before the study, during the study, and five weeks after its conclusion. These included feelings of social isolation, self-consciousness in public, or life satisfaction.

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Tiny Alabama Town Shocked to Learn Farmer had Secretly Paid People’s Pharmacy Bills for a Decade

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Upon the occasion of the funeral for one Hody Childress from Geraldine, Alabama, it was revealed that for a decade this quiet and humble gentleman was a sort of guardian angel for the town’s poor and sick.

A farmer and U.S. Air Force veteran, Childress began his covert charity campaign when he visited the local Geraldine drugstore and learned that all too many of the town’s 900 residents couldn’t afford to pay for their prescriptions.

Life up until that point had been difficult from a health standpoint. Childress lost a son in 1973, and his first wife in 1999—whom he used to carry into the stands for local football games due to her multiple sclerosis.

Upon hearing of his neighbors’ inability to always afford their medications, he handed Brooke Walker, owner of Geraldine Drugs, a $100 bill.

“Here, this $100 is for anyone who can’t afford their prescription,” Walker recalled in an interview with local news. “Do not tell a soul that the money came from me, tell them it’s a blessing from God.”

A month later, Walker saw Childress again walking into her store to hand over another $100 bill, with the exact same instructions—’do not tell a soul that the money came from me, tell them it’s a blessing from God.’

He would return on the 1st of every month for the same motivation for years, until in late 2022, because he wasn’t able to walk due a pulmonary disease and other health conditions, he decided he needed to enlist someone for help. He entrusted the task to his daughter, Tania Nix.

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