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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes Watching This Mouse Tidy up a Man’s Garden Shed Workbench

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Retired postman Rodney Holbrook must have rubbed his eyes a few times, because it certainly looked like a mouse was tidying up his workbench for him.

The Ratatouille-like scene had played on Holbrook’s mind for days after he noticed on several occasions that things in his garden shed were being mysteriously cleaned up overnight.

Setting up a camera to catch the cleaning culprit, Holbrook beheld that it was a little mouse.

The video shows the mouse picking up corks, clothespins, and other things and putting them in a small box, clearing the workspace of the man’s shed at his home in Builth Wells, Wales, for the next day.

“Ninety-nine times out of 100, the mouse will tidy up throughout the night,” Holbrook told the BBC. “It is incredible really that they put them all back in the box, I think it’s possible that they enjoy it.”

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