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He Lost 210-lbs on Carnivore Diet Eating Just Meat and Eggs–After Fertility Became an Issue

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A man shed a staggering 210 pounds—almost half his bodyweight—by eating a diet consisting of just meat and eggs.

After tipping the scales at 434 pounds and being told his weight might be causing fertility issues, the 28-year-old decided to change his lifestyle.

Isaiah Caldwell now weighs 224 since sticking with a carnivore diet, which includes anything that come from animals—meat, fish, eggs, bone broth, and dairy.

The 6-foot-4-inch salesman from St Louis, Missouri, says he’s now happier and healthier—and hopes to jumpstart his family with his wife Amanda.

“Having a baby became an obsession of ours—we were really excited about it,” Isaiah recalled. “We started trying for a year before we began to suspect that there might be some issues fertility-wise.

“I knew if there was anything I could do to give us a chance, I would do it.”

He decided to ditch all food groups except for meat, eggs, and dairy, and found out that it was pretty easy to lose weight.

“People think there’s some magic to it, but the reality is you’re just eliminating overeating—as it’s really hard to binge eat meat.

He lost 21lbs in the first month by eating steak and smoked brisket—and said he was “blown away”. He decided to stay on the carnivore diet for another month, and lost another 18 lbs, so continued on it.

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