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New motorcycle club thanked by neighbors for removing trash from front yard of Watertown home

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WATERTOWN — A motorcycle club that’s only a month old made an impression Wednesday evening after club members voluntarily cleaned up trash that had been sitting outside a house in the city for months.

The Muleskinners RC Watertown club, which was founded last month and is made up of members mostly native to the area, was formed as a way to give back to the community after it started with a bunch of guys who liked riding together, said the club president, Brett Goodman.

“That’s great and everything but there has to be a better purpose,” Mr. Goodman said. “We decided to get together and organize it as a group to make a difference.”

And it appears they accomplished that this week. On Wednesday, City Councilmember Cliff G. Onley shared a photo to his social media page of the house at 1018 Huntington St., which showed trash piled along the sidewalk and in the front yard. The councilmember’s post began circulating and the bike club caught wind of it.

“There was an opportunity to help the community and we took it,” Mr. Goodman said.

Shortly after 8 p.m., club members went over to the house and began removing the debris, which had been piling up there since February, said next-door neighbor Donna Swanson.

“I couldn’t have a garage sale with all that mess there,” she said.

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