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Man Awarded for Quick Rescue Response to House Fire in the Washington Mountains

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A humble maintenance worker for the Washington State DoT is being honored for rescuing several people from an intense blaze.

The story comes from Blewett Pass on US 97 where Brandon Haight was checking conditions on a route he frequents for his work. Amid the snow and the failing light, he noticed a red glow coming from a residential area and black smoke swirling up among the pines.

Pulling over, he discovered a house had caught fire. Thinking quickly, Haight radioed the traffic management center, since there is typically no mobile phone service in that section of Blewett Pass.

With fire and rescue made aware of the emergency, Haight flew to the scene and began banging on the doors and windows of the home yelling “fire!”

All the residents had made their escape just minutes before the whole house was engulfed in flames and spread to a nearby RV, but Haight had warned the man inside it as well, and all those present cleared the area.

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