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Lifting Weights for Just Three Seconds a Day Helps Our Muscles Grow, According to Scientists

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People who say they don’t have time to exercise might have to rethink after scientists proved just three seconds a day lifting weights was enough to strengthen muscle.A new study by researchers in Australia and Japan found doing just one downward bicep curl a day using a heavy weight increases muscle strength by more than 11 percent.

Whole body workouts could be over in just 30 seconds if the findings hold up in other muscle groups, the scientists added.

For the study, 39 healthy university students were told to complete one muscle contraction a day ‘at maximum effort’ for just three seconds, five days a week for four weeks.

The students were split into groups who did three different types of bicep curl.

One group used their biceps to lower a weight down towards the floor, which fitness experts call an eccentric bicep curl.

Other participants lifted the weight up, called a concentric curl, or held it parallel to the ground, called an isometric contraction.

Another group of 13 students did no exercise at all.

Students who did the downward bicep curl saw their muscle strength grow by 11.5 per cent.

Participants who performed other types of curl also grew stronger, although their increase in muscle strength was smaller than for those who did a downward bicep curl.

The group of volunteers who did no exercise at all did not see any increase in their muscle strength.

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