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Watertown welcomes first baby of 2024

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A baby girl named Aurora made her way into the world at 7:56 a.m. Monday morning at Samaritan Medical Center. The little one with a soft, round face and tiny red mouth just slightly open, slept peacefully in her mother’s arms on New Year’s Day, knowing that she was going to be a winner.

She had already taken first place in something — being the first baby born in Watertown in 2024. Her parents Carissa and Vin Cafer said that the timing came as a surprise to them.

Carissa, with the instinct only a mother has, had a feeling that something was going to happen soon, even though Aurora wasn’t expected until Jan. 9.

“I had a weird feeling yesterday, like for some reason, I was like, ‘watch it’s going to happen today,'” she said.

“It’s funny, I kept saying I wanted her to be born on New Year’s Eve so her birthday would be one two three, one two three,” she added.

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