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Italian-Made Exoskeleton Gets Disabled Users Walking and Standing

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This is a new robotic exoskeleton manufactured in Italy that promises to improve the quality of life and mobility of disabled or injured people in a creative way.

The controls feature three modes of operation depending on the level of use the wearer has in his or her legs, and it’s made up of lightweight, interchangeable parts.

Developed through a partnership by the Italian Institute of Technology and the National Insurance Institute of Workplace Injuries, the exoskeleton is called the ‘Twin’ and was unveiled this Friday during a press conference held at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

Battery-powered motors located at the knee and hip joints power normal motion based on three different modes, Walk mode, Retrain mode, and TwinCare mode.

Walk mode is for users who are paralyzed from the waist down, and moves their legs for them with adjustable gait and walk speeds.

Retrain mode is for users who have some control over their legs and need to build up strength and mobility. To accommodate this, the exoskeleton provides assistance when it feels motion, similar to electric pedal assistance on electric bicycles.

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