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Couple Get ‘Best Ever’ Wedding Pictures When Northern Lights Break Out Over their Big Day

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Chris Oman and Rebecca MacDonald were tying the knot in Scotland—with photographer Michael Carver taking pictures.

Michael was packing up when his partner texted him to say that the Northern Lights could be seen over the venue at Bogbain Farm.

Moving at breakneck speed, he asked a guest to fetch the bride and groom in the middle of their wedding afterparty while he set up for what he knew could have been the chance of a lifetime.

“I know how quickly this can come and go so I shouted at some poor guy who was smoking outside to quickly run in and grab the bride and groom whilst I set up my camera,” Michael said.

“I could see the skies flaring up and was even able to see the bright colors with my eyes. We had found Chris but Rebecca was no place to be found. Eventually someone dragged her from the dance floor and I had a few seconds to try and grab a shot while the Northern lights pulsed brightly.”

The newlyweds raced outside and got into position before the lights faded into twilight just seconds after Michael had taken a set of photos.

Newly married couple Chris and Rebecca were thrilled with their photos, which added to the already-magical night.

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The Funniest Wildlife Photos of 2022 Win Big Laughs in Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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It’s the most popular photography competition in the world—because the winning photos are some the funniest moments of mirth on Earth.

Some of the most famous photographers from 85 countries submitted their most spontaneous snaps, capturing the amusing side of nature, in a bid to win the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The contest was founded in 2015 by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, both professional photographers and passionate conservationists who wanted create a competition that focused on the lighter, humorous side of wildlife photography.

The online competition is free to enter, yet both money and awareness are raised for a charity partner each year—in 2022, the fantastic Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN)—with 10% of net revenue donated.

The overall winner of this year’s competition, which saw 5,000 incredible entries, is Jennifer Hadley, for her perfectly timed photograph of a lion cub losing its grip on a tree trunk entitled ‘Not so cat-like reflexes.’

The image was captured in the Serengeti, when Jennifer managed to capture the exact moment a young 3-month-old cub attempted to descend from a tree, and it didn’t go so well. She had already positioned her camera, then the unexpected happened.

“I think part of what makes this contest great is that most of these photos probably happen by complete accident and that was certainly the case with the lion cub falling out of the tree,” she explained. “How often do cats fall out of trees?”

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Cat Who Sneaks into School Gets His Class Photo Taken – And Portrait Packet is Sent Home to Mom

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A cat performed the most head-scratching stunt in Wales recently on class picture day, leaving a group of proud moms “in floods of laughter.”

10 and 7-year-olds Meghan and Chloe Roberts were all dressed up and excited to have their picture taken at Drury Primary School, but their excitement couldn’t compare with that of Ziggy, their orange and white cat who regularly visits the school.

When Ziggy the “honorary student,” felt it was his turn, the 4-year-old effortlessly jumped up on the photo chair, looked straight at the camera, got his snap, and promptly left.

“Chloe handed the letter to me and I expected it to be her photos,” Chloe’s mom Emma Roberts told local Welsh news, The Leader. “But then when I looked I was just in floods of laughter and so were the other mums standing by me.”

“I asked her what had gone on and she said he just jumped on the chair. He didn’t need any encouragement, he just got up there for a photo. The school has just accepted him and he goes there at any opportunity. He’s there every day.”

Indeed the headmaster has described the cat’s attendance record as “an excellent example for other pupils.”

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