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Watertown pool attendance dipped this summer; city looks ahead to new Flynn pool

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With temperatures cooling off last August, attendance at the city’s two pools took a big dip this past summer.

Attendance for both the Thompson Park pool and the Alteri pool at the Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds totaled 17,331 people, down from 26,690 the year before, according to a memo from Parks and Recreation Superintendent Scott M. Weller.

“August was an unseasonably cool month that saw attendance decrease 62% from July, and 57% from August of 2022,” Weller wrote in the memo.

On Monday night, council members discussed the pool attendance figures at length.

The Thompson Park Pool was open for 71 days with 13,957 people swimming there from May 27 to Aug. 24, while the Alteri pool was open for 68 days with 3,374 swimming from June 26 to Sept. 4. The pools had to close for 25 days due to rain.

Attendance at both pools declined, with 21,252, or about 7,000 fewer people, swimming at the park pool, and the Alteri pool was down 2,200 people, according to the memo.

Councilman Cliff G. Olney III blamed the unusually rainy and cool August for the poor pool attendance numbers, calling it one of the coldest summers of all time in the north country.

“We were doing pretty good to that point,” Weller said.

Olney believes that attendance will turn around with better weather in the future.

Both he and Councilwoman Lisa A. Ruggiero also recommended that the city do a better job at marketing the pools to attract more swimmers.

It was the first year that the city charged people living outside of the city. Charging non-city residents $3 individually and $2 per person for groups probably had some impact on attendance but not much, Weller said.

Mayor Jeffrey M. Smith reiterated his ongoing argument that the city does not need and cannot afford three pools.

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Watertown summer pools wrapping up season

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This summer’s unpredictable wet weather has put a bit of a damper on the city’s pool program this season.

Alex LaVine, lead supervisor for the Parks and Recreation Department’s program, blames a dip in pool usage on what has been a rainy summer in the north country.

Final tallies for pool attendance will be put together once the season ends. The city operates pools at Thompson Park and the Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds.

But LaVine has noticed attendance was down this summer.

Despite more than 20 days with rain, both pools remained opened and did not close because of the weather. Only a lightening storm would cause that.

“It’s a short season, so we want to make sure we’re open,” she said.

The pool season is wrapping up. The schedule for the end of the season was announced on Thursday.

“It’s been a good season,” Parks Superintendent Scott M. Weller said.

The Alteri Pool at fairgrounds will close for the season on Friday, while the Thompson Park pool is closing on Labor Day, Sept. 4.

Check the city’s website and the Parks and Recreation Department’s Facebook page for the exact schedule because two concerts and the availability of lifeguards will shut the two pools for a few days before the season ends.

Like last year, more people went swimming at Thompson Park than at the fairgrounds.

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Construction on Watertown’s northside pool project to start this summer

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The City Council will have one more crack in two weeks at voting to borrow for the new $3.9 million pool at North Elementary School.

But no one expects that approval will happen.

In the same 3-2 vote as previous votes for the project, council members decided to use $3.9 million in the city’s fund balance to replace the William J. Flynn pool at North Elementary School on the city’s north side.

As they have done right along, council members Cliff G. Olney III, Lisa A. Ruggiero and Patrick J. Hickey again supported moving forward with the pool project, while Mayor Jeffrey M. Smith and Councilwoman Sarah V. Compo Pierce continued to oppose it.

They had three options for how to pay for it on Monday night.

But votes on whether to bond for the pool and to use American Rescue Plan Act funding never made it to the floor.

No one introduced the ARPA funds option and Mayor Smith stopped it from a vote by refusing to agree to unanimous consent.

However, bonding for the pool will now automatically come up for a vote during council’s June 19 meeting. It would need four votes for approval, when only three council members support the project.

“I saw the importance of bonding,” Councilwoman Ruggiero said afterward. “Also, I always believed in the north side.”

Like he has said in the past, Mayor Smith reiterated his belief that the city doesn’t need a third pool and cannot afford the project, adding that the city will have a $17.7 million deficit in just a few years.

The city is “foolishly spending on something that it doesn’t need,” he said.

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Thompson Park pool, vandalized over holiday, remains closed for scheduled gutter work

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Some gutter work will keep the Thompson Park pool closed for the time being.

City Parks and Recreation Department staff closed the park pool on Memorial Day after someone threw a bottle or bottles into the water and they broke.

But the pool was going to be closed and drained on Tuesday anyway for warranty work on its gutters, City Manager Kenneth A. Mix said.

However, people will be able to swim in William J. Flynn Pool at the Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds this weekend. That pool is scheduled to be open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

At this point, the Thompson Park pool will reopen from 1 to 6 p.m. on the weekends of June 10 and 11, June 17 and 18 and June 24 and 25.

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Cost now projected at $3.2 million for north side pool

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A Syracuse engineering firm has projected that the new pool at the North Elementary School will have a total cost of about $3.2 million.

City Council members on Monday night got an update on the final design and the latest cost projections for replacing the William J. Flynn Municipal Swimming Pool on the city’s north side.

In a presentation to the council, consultant Patrick Currier, project manager for C&S Companies, projected construction costs would be about $2.894 million, but that doesn’t include $144,500 in construction administration costs, a possible $144,000 contingency for the project and about $20,000 in third-party stone and concrete testing.

But the final price tag will depend on what the bids come back as, City Engineer Michael Delaney stressed.

“It’s our best idea what it’s going to cost,” Mr. Delaney told council members during Monday night’s work session.

In October, Mr. Currier estimated the L-shaped pool would be about $2.8 million, without including the non-construction expenses.

“I think it looks good,” Councilman Cliff G. Olney III said.

He envisions that the pool area would be turned into a park atmosphere for families to enjoy with picnic tables, grills and benches.

In July, City Council members Lisa A. Ruggiero, Patrick J. Hickey and Mr. Olney agreed on replacing the pool that was closed three years ago after it was learned that major repairs were needed.

On Friday, the final plans will be submitted to the city’s Engineering Office for its review.

Mr. Currier anticipates that bids will go out on April 4 and then be opened on or about May 2.

Construction would start in early summer and take about 18 months to complete, with the hopes of opening the pool in 2024.

The L-shaped pool would feature a zero-grade entrance for people with wheelchairs, be 25 yards long and 8 feet deep, and have four lanes for lap swimming.

A splash pad feature also would be part of the project. The bathhouse also would feature restrooms that have access from the exterior.

Mayor Jeffrey M. Smith has opposed the new Flynn pool, arguing the city cannot afford it and doesn’t need three city pools during the summer.

Mayor Smith did not comment about the pool costs on Monday night.

Supporters say residents on the city’s north side deserve a pool near their homes. They contend that a pool had been on that side of the city for decades before the Flynn pool was closed.

In other action, council members endorsed a project to construct a roof for the stone bandstand at Thompson Park, which sits between the playground and the 10th Mountain Division “Climb for Glory” monument.

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YMCA to break ground today on downtown pool project

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WATERTOWN — The Watertown Family YMCA will hold a groundbreaking ceremony at 10 a.m. today for its $27.5 million downtown community and aquatics center.

The new center will feature a natatorium with a six-lane lap pool and adjacent recreational pool, multi-sport courts, indoor track, wellness center, classrooms and child watch facilities.

The project is expected to be completed in November 2023.

Also today, YMCA officials will host a groundbreaking and storytelling reception at the Savory Downtown restaurant from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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Watertown officials hope to open Alteri pool later this month

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WATERTOWN — Kids could be frolicking in the city’s Alteri Pool at the fairgrounds on the last day of school.

City engineer Michael Delaney hopes to have repairs completed on the Steve D. Alteri Municipal Swimming Pool at the Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds on June 23, the last day of classes for the Watertown City School District.

“Work is still on schedule,” he said.

The City Council set a goal to reopen the pool in time for the summer. The pool at Thompson Park opened on Memorial Day weekend and remains open only on weekends, weather permitting.

On June 28, the two pools will open for the season on a daily basis, with hours from noon to 7 p.m.

To get the Alteri pool ready, the City Council in December approved a $112,830.76 contract with Sundance Leisure, Watertown, to complete a series of repairs.

The repairs include washing and degreasing the pool’s shell surface, installing a pump motor and piping and replacing a new chemical controller.

The project had “some minor setbacks, but we adjusted,” said Meredith A. Griffin, the city’s lead engineer on the project.

While that pool should be ready for a June 23 opening, the city should soon find out the fate of the William J. Flynn Municipal Swimming Pool at North Elementary School.

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