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In ‘Mega Milestone’ India Connects 80 Million Rural Households to Water Supply in Just 4 Years

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India’s Jal Jeevan Mission of tap water access continues to be one of the great, unsung stories of human development.

Almost 79 million households have been provided with access to a tap water connection since the program’s launch in August 2019, bringing the total to 111 million, or 56% of rural households in the nation.

Governance in India is a strange old dance between legislating on behalf of both economic areas similar in net worth to Western Europe and rural areas that are among the poorest in Asia.

The Jal Jeevan Mission hopes to connect every household in the country to public water systems by 2024. The initiative faced disruptions during the pandemic, but from a starting point of just 32.2 million rural households out of a registered 192 million, the program has seen remarkable success.

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