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Nebraska Man Makes World’s Longest Journey by Pumpkin Boat on 60th Birthday

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On the morning of August the 27th, a Nebraska man woke up on his 60th birthday with a single goal—to raft the mighty Missouri in a giant pumpkin.

This is not the start to a collaborative work between Roald Dahl and Mark Twain, but rather the Guinness World Record-breaking stunt by giant pumpkin enthusiast Duane Hansen, who made it 41 miles down the Missouri River in an 846-pound pumpkin which he christened the SS Bertha. 

Departing from Bellevue in his homemade pumpkin boat, Hansen paddled for 12 hours until he broke the world record of 25 miles set in 2016.

Hansen arrived in Nebraska City at the 41st mile-marker of the mighty river to a cold beer, amid a crowd of “tears, cheers, and swollen knees.”

“When we first got started it went real quick, like the first five miles felt like nothing,” said Yvone Hansen, Duane’s sister who arrived from San Diego to do the paperwork for the official Guinness World Record attempt. “Once we got about 18 miles in, it started feeling like ‘wow, this is a long trip.’”

Dangers included sand bars, the wake from passing boats, and rocky shallows. In the water, the pumpkin’s spherical shape meant that any direction Hansen moved, so too would the pumpkin. It was an exercise in balance and discipline, and even waving to onlookers was risky.

“You’ve got to be on top of it the whole time—the whole time,” Hansen told local news. “The boats leave the waves and you’ve got to stop everything and just hold on and ride with those waves. That was bad.”

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