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Watertown’s Walker Center for Cancer Care adds technology to provide faster access to radiation treatment

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Dec. 30—WATERTOWN — Samaritan Health’s Walker Center for Cancer Care announced Thursday that it has added technology that will hasten access to cancer treatment.

The center said in a statement that it has opened a second linear accelerator for its radiation oncology services which will ensure that radiation therapy for patients with high acuity lesions, such as those causing pain, or pressing on critical body structures, or blocking airways or blood flow, among other issues requiring urgent care, can start within a matter of days rather than weeks.

“The opening of a second linear accelerator (LINAC) will increase patient access to radiation oncology treatments in our region,” Dr. Justin D. Budnik, radiation oncologist at the center, said in the statement. “The need for a second LINAC has been driven by unprecedented growth in the practice here at the Walker Center for Cancer Care and will ensure that all patients who are in need of radiotherapy will have timely access to treatment, whatever their diagnosis is.”

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