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Watertown brush pickup expected to resume Thursday

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WATERTOWN — The city public works department announced Monday that collection of brush and green waste from houses is temporarily suspended. DPW Assistant Superintendent Pete E. Monaco said it should only last a couple of days.

“I hope to be back on schedule on Thursday,” Mr. Monaco said.

Mr. Monaco said both of the recycling trucks the city uses had issues at the same time.

The hope is that one truck will be repaired before Thursday so a crew can start picking up brush again, Mr. Monaco said.

“All we need is one, then we’re ready to go,” he said.

Mr. Monaco said they will eventually get caught up, but Thursday’s route will be done on Thursday and Friday’s route will also be done on Friday.

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Startup is Recycling Solar Panels Turning Waste into Valuable Material

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An American firm called Solar Cycle is transforming broken solar panels from landfill waste to valuable raw materials—perfect for making more solar panels.

Copper, aluminum, silver, and silicon are all recovered from panels at the end of their lifecycle, with the company’s new recycling method reducing them to just 2% of their material weight.

A 2016 report by the International Renewable Energy Agency found that likely by the mid 2030s, millions of metric tons of solar panels will be decommissioned, and if a method wasn’t found to economically recycle them, they would probably end up in the landfill.

Some Australian scientists however found a method of electrostatically separating waste streams from solar panels fed into large machine-grade shredders. By removing the aluminum frame, and then shredding the solar cells, the process is profitable and advantageous when shredding small amounts of solar arrays.

The process can chew up 220,000 pounds (1,000 tonnes) of solar panels a year, the rough equivalent to 50,000 panels a year, says lead author Dr. Pablo Dias.

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Total Recycling Guide Will Now Come Printed On Every Domino’s Pizza Box

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Domino’s are now delivering their pizzas in boxes on which are printed specific recycling instructions for the customer’s area.

Believe it or not, literally billions of corrugated cardboard pizza boxes have gone unrecycled because both consumers and recycling companies believed that the leftover grease, sauce, and cheese might gum up the recycling machinery, or weaken the bonds of the recycled paper material.

So great was the confusion that the company that makes Domino’s pizza boxes, West Rock, commissioned a study to see if boxes made up of 20% pizza grease by weight would somehow harm the recycling process.

No difference in machine function or chemical bondage of recycling paper material was observed, despite the fact that they used an unrealistically greasy box—even the greasiest pizzas can only manage to alter 2% of total box weight.

With that cleared up, Domino’s is now printing everything someone needs to know to recycle their pizza box right onto the box, including tidbits like “Grease DOES NOT Impact the Recyclability!” and “70% of Americans have access to pizza box recycling.”

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Roads are Lasting Twice as Long Thanks to Recycled Tire Rubber

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Rubber from used tyres acts like sunscreen for roads and halves the rate of sun damage when mixed with bitumen, new research has found.

Engineers at RMIT University in Australia have discovered a bitumen blend that is both UV-resistant and withstands traffic loads, with the potential to save governments millions on road maintenance annually.

Unlike much outdoor infrastructure—such as playground equipment and outdoor furniture— roads are not designed with any sun protection, making them prone to cracking and potentially unsafe to drive on.

Incorporating recycled rubber not only offers sun protection but is a promising sustainable solution to the used-tyre crisis in many countries, including Australia where an export ban on used tyres has been in place since December 2020.

While research efforts have focused on improving the durability of roads in terms of traffic load, thermal ageing and weather-related events, sun damage has received little attention, until now.

Sunscreen for roads

The new study led by RMIT’s Associate Professor Filippo Giustozzi provides a sustainable solution to UV protection for roads.

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Recycling issue boils over between Mayor Smith, Councilor Olney

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WATERTOWN — Mayor Jeffrey M. Smith is accusing Councilman Cliff G. Olney III of lying to residents about his views on single-stream recycling.

On Monday night, Councilman Olney voted against a plan for the city to work with Fort Drum on implementing a single-stream program.

Mayor Smith has been a longtime proponent of single-stream recycling in the city, one of the only communities in the state not to offer the method.

The City Council on Monday informally approved continued talks with Fort Drum on the plan.

In a press release, Mayor Smith accused the councilman of not telling the truth about the issue.

“It is unfortunate that Councilman Cliff Olney continues to mislead and lie to residents about the issues facing the city — most recently, single-stream recycling,” the mayor said.

He cited a Facebook post in which the councilman concluded that the Development Authority of the North Country completed a $50,000 feasibility study that found single-stream “wasn’t profitable, nor as efficient at recycling items.”

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New Company Turns 100 Tons of Non-Recyclable Plastic Into Building Blocks For Construction

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Recycling doesn’t always mean chemically separating things into component parts, or finding a new life for an old object. An LA-based startup is proving that landfills need not be dug for plastics, if one can merely smash enough of them together into a Minecraft-like block.

103 tons of nonrecyclable plastics, in fact, have been diverted from entombment since the company was founded, all through ByFusion’s patented machines known as “Blockers.” Blockers have a simple yet ingenious design. They shred the plastic, and then apply mass multiplied by acceleration repeatedly, until the “nonrecyclable plastic” is so squished together that it fuses.

Composite plastics have advanced the world standard of living no end, but often they tend to be unrecyclable.

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