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First Time Someone With Cut Spinal Cord is Able to Walk Freely, Thanks to New Swiss Technology

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Michel Roccati was paralyzed in a motorbike accident which completely severed his spinal cord. Unlike some other forms of paralysis, there’s no therapy for him, and absolutely no sensation whatsoever in his legs.

An hour after receiving a new medical implant that emits electrical signals into his spinal cord however, he was able to take some steps supported by a wheeled-walking aid.

“I used to box, run, and do fitness training in the gym. But after the accident, I could not do the things that I loved to do, but I did not let my mood go down. I never stopped my rehabilitation,” Roccati told the BBC. “[Now] I stand up, walk where I want to, I can walk the stairs—it’s almost a normal life.”

In various cases of paralysis, damage to the spinal column prevents signals from the brain from reaching the extremities, but like a WiFi repeater, the implant carries the signals further down the body. The surgery to install the device is complex, and requires fibers to be attached to individual nerve sections.

It also contains powerful artificial intelligence software, and emits signals like nervous system biology would. Controlled by software on a tablet, pre-set programs train the electrodes on the implant to command the trunk and legs to perform certain kinds of movements.

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