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Police Officer Jumps Fence to Save Chained Dog from Fire, Not Giving Up Even When Heat Turned Severe

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With a heart of gold and nerves of steel, an officer in Arvin, California vaulted over a fence and worked amid blazing heat to save a chained dog from a raging fire.

Chained just outside a burning mobile home, Officer Calderon comforted the dog with kind words before eventually using hedge clippers to free the pooch, all the while protecting the dog with his own body.

Hearing about Calderon’s heroics, recorded in a 6-minute section of body cam footage, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) decided to present the man with their Compassionate Action Award.

“His actions were truly heroic. And we want to reward him to recognize that and also because we hope that it will inspire more people to be heroes for animals,” said Ashley Byrne, PETA’s director of outreach communications.

The process of freeing the dog started after Calderon used his strength to clamber over a rickety 6-foot fence. The dog was frightened and ran away from Calderon at first, but he pulled it close to him via the chain while struggling to try and find some way to disconnect it.

At first, he tried to bend a pin holding two sections of chain apart, but it wouldn’t budge. Then, coaxing the dog to hide behind a large horizontal kitchen or bathroom sink in the yard, he breached the friendship barrier and was able to scratch the pit bull or bull terrier behind the ears.

Calderon pushed the sink closer to the wooden fence behind it, creating a shield to protect the dog from the heat of the fire while trying to break through the fence and allow the dog to go into the adjacent property.

The smart pooch understood what was happening, and when a passageway had been made it went through. In the neighbor’s yard, Calderon found a pair of hedge clippers which allowed him to finally free the dog from its bonds.

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Human Chain Formed by Florida Biologists to Save Stranded Dolphin

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When a dolphin got lost and swam up a Florida canal, no less than 30 biologists and volunteers formed a human chain to block its passage further up the waterway.

Their efforts saw the dolphin flee the canal out into Tampa Bay, saving it from a life of losing its ability to fend for itself and eventually ending up as an aquarium resident.

Brittany Baldrica, a senior rescue biologist with Clearwater Marine Aquarium, got a call that a dolphin was hanging about in a canal in Clearwater, Florida. The caller was concerned that it was hurt or lost, as after four days, it had not moved beyond a small stretch of the artificial waterway.

The Marine Mammal Protection Act stipulates that feeding or harassing marine mammals like manatees, dolphins, or whales is illegal, however Baldrica had just recently rehabilitated a dolphin named Izzy who had been fed by humans after a boat strike left her stranded in a canal for so long that she forgot how to hunt.

She told a local Fox affiliate that following the call they monitored the dolphin for 18 days.

“He was behaviorally ok at that point and then upon talking to other people within the residency, they had said the animal may have been there for at least four days, so we were just concerned he got separated from other animals,” Baldrica said.

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275 Rare Parrots Saved From Hurricane at Florida Sanctuary: ‘They’re Family’

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275 exotic parrots are now on their way to a new wildlife sanctuary after their heroic caretaker pulled all of them up into his stilted house like Noah’s Ark to ride out Hurricane Ian.

There’s no question in Will Peratino’s mind that if he had not done so, the waves which crested his 5-foot high fencing around Malama Manu Sanctuary on Pine Island would have drowned all of them.

After the devastation, a full-scale volunteer effort transported all 275 parrots by boat through flooded canals to solid ground where they will be taken to another wildlife sanctuary.

The efforts were led by Project Dynamo, a volunteer rescue operation from Tampa that heard about Peratino’s plight. They put together a team and four boats to put all the parrots into cat-sized pet carriers and bring them off the ravaged Pine Island.

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Woman Hailed as Hero For Using Drone to Locate Over 200 Lost Pups For Free

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A dog lover has been hailed a ‘real-life superhero’ for using her drone to reunite families with their lost pups—most recently, just in time before a ‘deadly’ storm hit.

September 9th was a normal Friday for Erica Hart, as she abandoned her shopping trip to rush home and launch a drone search for a schnauzer before a rumbling thunderstorm made things worse.

Jamie Hollinshead phoned her from Clayton, Yorkshire, to say his rescue dog Hilda had bolted from their garden and they’d already searched for two hours.

The 33-year-old rushed to the last-known location and within 20 minutes spied the escaped pooch running down a residential road.

When the two-year-old dog darted into a nearby field and kept moving, Erica was able to direct Jamie and his wife to the best spot for intercepting her.

The couple from Clayton, who adopted the rescue dog this past April, has hailed Erica a ‘real-life superhero’ and believes Hilda could have been killed had she not been found before the thunderstorm hit minutes later.

“What she did is brilliant. She’s a hero, a real superhero.

“She saved her life. She could have been run over or the storms could have panicked her—you just think the worst straight away.”

“Erica was in constant communication with us. She knew what she was doing and where to look,” said Leah, who had no idea how the dog escaped their fenced yard, but thought it must have been spooked by the thunder.

“As it was getting later, we thought we’d never see her again. It brought a tear to my eye when we got her back.”

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