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Man Sprints Along 4-Lane Snowy Highway to Stop Woman’s Runaway Car

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When a Massachusetts woman lost consciousness at the wheel of her car on the highway, she can thank her lucky stars she did it in view of Adolfo Molina.

The tall and powerful Dominican sprinted across a 4-lane highway in the snow to try and stop her car as it brushed against the guardrails while continuing to accelerate on the shoulder of the road.

A nearby driver recorded the rescue attempt and put it up on TikTok where the images of Molina trying to slow the car by grabbing the door handles went viral.

“I was surprised [at first] but at the end of the day I wasn’t, because he’s a helpful person,” his wife Maytee Pena remarked to CBS Boston. “Something in his mind just said ‘go help’ so he got out of the car and did what he needed to do, it was like a sign of God. God sent him to do that mission.”

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Three Mermaids Save a Scuba Diver From Drowning: ‘Not Just Pretty Tails And Smiles’

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A fairytale rescue saved an experienced diver from drowning when a trio of mermaids suddenly showed up off Catalina Island in California.

Pablo Avila lost consciousness while scuba diving with his son and a friend on Oct. 23, which coincided with the second day of a mermaid training course nearby.

A 33-year-old mermaid performer and diver from Miami who was leading the certified diving course in open water jumped into action when they all heard calls for help.

Elle Jimenez and two of her students, all donning their mermaid fins, used their training—and their tails—to speedily take control of the situation.

Mermaid student Elaina Marie Garcia, a certified diver who also works as a firefighter, said Mr. Avila was foaming at the mouth and unconscious by the time they reached him.

The mermaid pod quickly removed his heavy dive gear, which can weigh 30 to 40 pounds, and underwater weights that can add another 35lbs.

“I gave him rescue breaths in the water,” Garcia told Fox News. “My training kicked in, and I had the muscle memory I needed to get his scuba gear quickly and efficiently off.”

“I think we were all meant for these roles and that moment proved we were exactly where we needed to be,” said Jimenez.

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Hero Honeymooners Rescue Sleeping Babies from Burning Nursery in Spain: ‘Instinct Took Over’

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Picture it: you and your spouse are on your honeymoon in Europe, you see a burning building, you decide to be heroes and run inside through the smoke and you end up in a room with panicking nurses, 20 sleeping infants, and no one speaks English.

Incredibly, that was the situation Rhode Island honeymooners David Squillante and Doran Smith found themselves in last month in Barcelona.

The newlywed 38-year-olds were on their way to tour a park when they saw a group of women standing around panicking next to a doorway, out of which was wafting thick smoke.

“I saw a flame coming out of the doorway, next to the door that these women had come out of,” Smith said. “So, I said ‘Oh my God there’s a fire.’”

Who knows what possessed the non-Spanish speaking honeymooners to run inside the burning building, as there was nothing on the exterior that hinted at the precious cargo within; they could have just been running into a normal apartment building.

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Boston Officers Rescue Father and Son Floating on Cooler

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When a father and son’s fishing boat hit rocks out from Boston Harbor, their lives were saved in part thanks to their desire for some liquid libations on board.

While the headline sounds like a barrel of laughs, 15 minutes of frigid Atlantic waters almost caused the pair to enter hypothermia.

Two officers from the Boston Harbor police unit were on patrol when they got the call about a sinking ship.

When they arrived on the scene, all that could be spotted bobbing about was a turquoise cooler, on which were dangling a pair of life-preservers.

The whole rescue was caught on the officers’ body cameras, during which the son requests that the police help his father up before himself.

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Move Over Fire and Rescue, 7-Year-Old Massiah Is the Hero After Rescuing a Drowning 3-Year-Old

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A 7-year-old from Sacramento was the unlikely savior of a 3-year-old toddler who would have certainly drowned without help.

Last week 7-year-old Massiah Browne went down to enjoy the pool at the apartment complex where he lives when he noticed out of the ordinary.

“I was just playing in the pool and then I saw a boy at the bottom of the pool,” Massiah, a second-grade student, told “Good Morning America.” “And I went to go get him.”

Swimming down into 6 feet of water, he grabbed the arm of a 3-year-old toddler whose eyes and mouth were open, and managed to pull him to the surface, where a relative of Massiah’s, 9-year-old Savannah, helped them both out onto solid ground.

Adults who had caught wind of what was happening had called 911 and raced down to help. According to ABC, Savannah’s mom performed CPR on the child who was helped to breathe again by the same Fire and Rescue arrived.

“The child was transported in critical condition with advanced life support efforts provided by Sacramento firefighters,” a spokesperson for Sacramento Fire Department said.

Massiah’s father Marcus, an Olympic boxer who represented the United States at the 2012 Olympics in London, said his son loves the water and swims like “a fish,” but that despite the surprise, it really typed who Massiah is.

“He’s super empathetic so for him to do something like that, I mean, it’s really nothing out of the norm it’s just crazy that he’s 7-years-old and he’s doing something like that.”

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NY State Trooper rescues injured Bald Eagle on I-81 in Jefferson County

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New York State Trooper Angela Gilchrist comes to the rescue of an injured Bald Eagle Sunday on I-81 in Jefferson County, according to New York State Police.

The New York State Police shared the rescue photo on Twitter.

The tweet said NY State Trooper Gilchrist responded to the call, helping Environmental Conservation Police Officers in saving the eagle.

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A 54-year-old Hudson Valley man is fighting for his life after an excavator rolled over in Sullivan County.

On Wednesday around 12:40 p.m., New York State police from the Wurtsboro barracks responded to Dump Road in the town of Mamakating for a report of an excavator rollover and entrapment. Upon arrival, troopers observed Mamakating EMS already on the scene.

The victim, Kevin McCombs, 54, from Liberty was entrapped. Units worked for more than an hour to remove McCombs, who was pinned between the cab and boom machine, officials say.

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