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Masks are now optional at most Samaritan locations

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As of March 8, 2024, most Samaritan locations will be mask-optional for all staff, patients, and visitors under certain criteria. This decision comes after closely watching transmission levels of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses, declining COVID-19 hospitalization and infection rates, and other supporting indicators. Samaritan now safely offers a mask-optional environment in most areas and facilities; however, if any of these metrics have an uptick, we could return to wearing facemasks.

The following use of face masks will be asked of patients, staff, and visitors:

In the Emergency Department (ED), all visitors and patients are asked to mask in this location when not in a private room.

In the Walker Center for Cancer Care, because of the weakened immune systems of the patients served, we ask patients and anyone visiting the center to wear a face mask when not in a private room.

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