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Fishermen Getting Paid to collect plastic trash at Sea, As Indonesia Slashes Pollution

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In Indonesia, small-time fishermen are being paid as part-time ocean cleanup crews, as the archipelago seeks to tidy their seas and raise awareness among stakeholders at the same time.

The Ministry of Fisheries announced on October 4th they had stashed around $70,000, or 1 billion rupiah, with which to pay fisherman for any plastic trash they recovered from the oceans.

Many countries around the world are setting environment or climate goals for themselves. One of the largest contributors of ocean going plastic waste, Indonesia is looking to shake off that reputation by spending $1 billion over the next 3 years to reduce plastic entering the oceans from their shores by 70%.

If an Indonesian fisherman working off the main islands can collect 4 kilograms of trash per day, the government will pay out around $10 for it, which is slightly more than they would get if they spent their day catching fish to sell at market prices.

“This activity is very simple,” Sakti Wahyu Trenggono, the fisheries minister, said at a press conference in Jakarta. “But at least this will raise awareness among the stakeholders at sea and the people around the world.”

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Floating Drones Are Swallowing Tons of Plastic Waste Before it Reaches Ocean

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From Chennai to Trentino alto Adige to Baltimore, inventors are churning out methods of stopping plastic pollution from entering the ocean by picking it out of riverways.

They come in different shapes and sizes, and a Dutch company just added a whale-shark inspired drone that can cobble 160 liters of waste to the mix.

Developed by RanMarine in Rotterdam, the drone project was both straightforward, but with a pretty long checklist. It had to be automated, zero-emissions, easy to use, economic to deploy and maintain, and be able to clean a freshwater environment without harming it.

The result is WasteShark, which is about 4 feet long, and quietly captures trash in a tray between its two pontoons. Like the whale shark that provided its inspiration, a grid stops anything sizeable from entering its mouth, until it detects trash and the grid is lowered.

One the drone is filled, it’s steered back to the water’s edge, where the tray can be easily removed, and emptied into a larger receptacle.

A world of river cleaning devices

All kinds of strategies exist for capturing plastic before it pollutes the ocean. WasteShark is perfect for lakes, and other large ponds where the trash will mostly bob around.

Other challenges and strategies exist in countries around the world. On the river Cooum that runs through the city of Chennai in India, whatever equipment AlphaMERS Ltd. used to plan their cleanup had to be able to withstand the flooding force of the monsoon rains.

Their solution was steel mesh that is draped diagonally across the flow of the river, arresting the trash, but allowing boat traffic to pass over undisturbed. The Floating Trash Barrier (FTB) collected 2,200 tonnes of plastic in the first year. AlphaMERS have also developed drones that clean up oil spills by sifting the sludge out and separating it from the water inside their robot bodies.

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83-Year-old Sets World Record Sailing Alone Across the Pacific Without Stopping

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A Japanese man has once again completed his favorite pastime of sailing across the Pacific Ocean without stopping.

The undeterrable Kenichi Horie did it once before when he was 23, and probably didn’t expect to be pulling the same stunt 60 years later. But that’s just who he is.

Embarking on the 27th of March in his 2,182 lb. (990 kg), 19-foot-long (six-meter-long) sailboat the Suntry Mermaid III.

Horie sailed solo for two months across the world’s largest ocean before arriving in the Kii Peninsula in western Japan at 2:39 a.m. local time.

“Don’t let your dreams just stay as dreams. Have a goal and work towards achieving this and a beautiful life awaits,” Horie told CNN over a satellite phone.

Making no port calls, Horie nevertheless called his family every day to check in.

The Guardian reports that he will arrive in Cape Hinomisaki this Saturday, after which he will be towed to his home port in order to appear at an arrival ceremony in Nishinomiya city in the Hyogo prefecture.

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Divers Recover 12 Tons of Trash From Lake Tahoe –Along With Engagement Rings and Wallets

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A scuba dive team has completed an extraordinary clean-up of Lake Tahoe after a full year of work, pulling up more than 12 tons of submerged trash.

Organized by the nonprofit Clean Up The Lake, the team restored every inch of 72 miles of the crystal blue lake’s shoreline and sub-shore, collecting 24,797 pieces of litter weighing a total of 25,281 pounds.

As divers circumnavigated the lake, they recovered not just typical plastic and glass litter, but lost wallets and engagement rings, too.

“Over the past year, despite winter weather, COVID, and wildfire related challenges, our dive team has been in the water at every opportunity to complete this unforgettable effort,” said Colin West, founder and executive director of Clean Up The Lake.

“Ultimately what we hope people remember is the length that one group of individuals was willing to go to in order to protect their home and their planet, and in turn people should ask themselves how they are choosing to contribute to preserving our environment today.”

The project was made possible by a $100,000 matching donation from Tahoe Blue Vodka, The Tahoe Fund, and Nevada’s Lake Tahoe License Plate program, among others.

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Photographer Records the Moment a Giant Jellyfish Floats Beneath Paddleboarder

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An underwater photographer has captured this picture of a large jellyfish under a paddleboarder.

The image was taken by photographer and film-maker Lewis Jefferies off Falmouth in  Cornwall It features Lewis’s partner, Sammy, paddleboarding above a compass jellyfish with the sunshine beaming from behind her.

“The jellyfish make great subjects to photograph and are quite handy because they don’t move very fast, ” 33-year-old Lewis said, ”so once you find one, you can experiment with lots of different angles.

“I’d had a shot like this in mind for a while with my partner on a paddleboard above the waterline and some marine life below.

“The conditions were amazing and there was a lovely sunset—which gave me the ingredients I needed to create something quite interesting.

“Credit has to go to Sammy for paddling out to the right spot at the right moment.”

This amazing shot, called A Peaceful Coexistence, was captured last July in Falmouth Bay.

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