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Teen’s Family Struggled to Afford Size 23 Shoes–Shaq Sent a Dozen Pairs, Including Superman Slippers

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A 16-year-old from Independence Missouri wears shoes so big you could fit your arm in them—but they were too small.

That’s because young Jor’el Bolden wears a size 23, which essentially means he wears nothing because most companies don’t sell shoes that big.

The Independence community rallied around Bolden and his mother Tamika, raising $12,000 through a GoFundMe which attracted the attention of national news, and one very famous, very generous, and very large celebrity.

“Entertainment Tonight, they messaged me and she was like ‘someone special wants to talk to you’,” his mother, Tamika Neal, told KCTV 5 where the story originally aired.

NBA legend and renowned good-guy Shaquille O’Neal, who’s heard his fair share of bigfoot jokes, got abreast of KCTV 5’s story and organized to have a Zoom call with Jor’el.

In the call, Shaq told him to expect some goodies in the mail, and within three days there were several large boxes full of Shaq-sized, Jor’el-sized clothes, and 20 pairs of size 23 shoes.

“It’s better than Christmas morning. Santa didn’t send this, Shaq did,” Neal told KCTV 5.

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