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What Was This Strange Pink Glow Over Victoria, Australia?

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Last week, a eerie pink glow lit up the sky above a small town in Australia, sparking mild concerns about an alien invasion, or at least that the locals had missed the memo of Season 5 of Stranger Things being filmed nearby.

It was big enough to be seen from miles off and many residents took photos

“It was very bizarre,” said Tammy Szumowski. “I was on the phone to my mum, and my dad was saying the world was ending.”

If she knew the truth of the matter she might have said that it was “just the end of time,” because as it turned out, the “pink glow” was more like a “Purple Haze.”

Pharmaceutical company Cann Group confirmed to the town of Mildura in Victoria that the lights were coming from its local medicinal cannabis facility, where the blackout blinds had been left open.

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