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World’s First Solar Car Goes into Production – a 4 Passenger EV That Can Run on the Sun

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The world’s first solar car has begun production—a 4-5 passenger EV that hails a new chapter in automotive history.

The Dutch company Lightyear officially commenced assembly of its first vehicle, aptly titled ‘Lightyear 0’, becoming the first automotive firm to manufacture an electric vehicle that generates a realistic amount of charge via sunlight.

Taking advantage of as much body space as possible with their 5 curved solar arrays totaling 53 square feet, the Lightyear 0 (formerly the Lightyear One; see more pics here) charges wherever there is daylight, whether parked or on the move.

Lightyear claims the model can yield up to 40 miles of free range per day from the sun alone (70 km), explaining, “with an infinite power source like that on its roof, Lightyear 0 can drive for months without charging.”

Non-solar charging can be achieved by plugging into a regular home socket, which will offer over 186 miles (300 kilometers) of of range overnight.

“After six years of developing its own technologies, Lightyear has surpassed one of the most challenging phases for new automotive companies: entering the market with novel technology,” said the company in a statement.

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