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Solar company needs to build transmission line under Black River for Rutland project

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A Massachusetts renewable energy company that plans to build a 125-megawatt solar farm in Rutland is willing to pay the city up to $450,000 for its easement rights under the Black River.

New Leaf Energy needs to bore a transmission line underneath the Black River in order to construct the 520-acre solar project. The city owns the area underneath the river.

Three New Leaf Energy company officials attended a council work session Tuesday night to discuss the proposal.

The company could go over the Black River or in the water, but would prefer to go underneath it to connect with a substation on the other side of river, near the village of Black River line, they said.

They need the transmission line to get the solar power to the substation, City Manager Kenneth A. Mix said. “This is crucial,” Mr. Mix said.

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Old Batteries from Electric Vehicles Get New Life Powering California’s Grid

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A California start-up has saved thousands of used electric vehicle battery packs from landfills by diverting them into an energy storage facility.

BWU Storage Solutions made a million bucks last year selling stored renewable energy to the CA power grid, thanks to 1,300 used battery packs from Toyota and Honda EVs.

Worn out over long years of powering cars, the batteries nevertheless have continued use as a way to store excess solar and wind energy for times when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

Over the next decade, millions of battery packs will need to be dismantled and recycled or will need a second use at a facility like B2U to prevent them from being sent to landfills.

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Startup is Recycling Solar Panels Turning Waste into Valuable Material

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An American firm called Solar Cycle is transforming broken solar panels from landfill waste to valuable raw materials—perfect for making more solar panels.

Copper, aluminum, silver, and silicon are all recovered from panels at the end of their lifecycle, with the company’s new recycling method reducing them to just 2% of their material weight.

A 2016 report by the International Renewable Energy Agency found that likely by the mid 2030s, millions of metric tons of solar panels will be decommissioned, and if a method wasn’t found to economically recycle them, they would probably end up in the landfill.

Some Australian scientists however found a method of electrostatically separating waste streams from solar panels fed into large machine-grade shredders. By removing the aluminum frame, and then shredding the solar cells, the process is profitable and advantageous when shredding small amounts of solar arrays.

The process can chew up 220,000 pounds (1,000 tonnes) of solar panels a year, the rough equivalent to 50,000 panels a year, says lead author Dr. Pablo Dias.

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