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California Begins Covering Canals with Solar Panels to Fight Drought

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State utilities in California are preparing to launch a pilot project to cover California’s irrigation canals in solar panels.

The decision was influenced by a landmark 2021 research paper, where scientists at Univ. of California Santa Cruz crunched the numbers and figured that the panels would save 63.5 billion gallons of water from evaporation annually by shading the flowing water.

Turlock Irrigation District Water & Power is preparing two pilot canal projects: a 500-foot (152-meter) curved canal section near the town of Hickman, and a second mile-long (1.6-km long) straightaway in nearby Ceres.

GNN reported last year that the UC Santa Cruz investigation found that for every megawatt of solar energy generated during Turlock’s 290 days of average sunshine, the pairing of panels over canals could replace 15-20 diesel generators used to pump water along the canals.

Called Project Nexus, the work is slated to begin this October with funding of $20 million from the state’s coffers.

Along with preventing evaporation, reducing the land clearance needed for solar farms, and boosting green energy output, the canal-mounted panels have the added benefit of longer functional lifespans, as the water underneath keeps the panels’ undersides cooler.

This idea actually began in the Indian state of Gujarat in 2014, when a pilot project covering 750 meters of canal space led to the creation of an entire canal-topped solar plant in Vadodara District, and another one totaling 100 megawatts off the Narmada River.

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IKEA Will Start Selling Solar Panels in Some U.S. Stores This Fall

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The popularity of solar has gone through the roof—and now IKEA is making it easier to install some panels on your roof.

Launching this fall in California, members of the U.S. IKEA Family customer loyalty program will be able to purchase home solar solutions, available through SunPower, to generate and store their own renewable energy and live more sustainably.

“At IKEA, we’re passionate about helping our customers live a more sustainable life at home. We’re proud to collaborate with SunPower to bring this service to the U.S. and enable our customers to make individual choices aimed at reducing their overall climate footprint,” said Javier Quiñones, CEO & Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA U.S.

“The launch of Home Solar with IKEA will allow more people to take greater control of their energy needs, and our goal is to offer the clean energy service at additional IKEA locations in the future.”

Home Solar with IKEA combines the strengths of IKEA retail and knowledge of life at home with the expertise of SunPower, a trusted brand with more than 35 years in the solar industry.

SunPower is known for delivering innovative solar products and making it simple for its customers to switch to renewable energy.

“We are thrilled to deliver exceptional solar products to IKEA customers through a unique and simplified buying experience,” said Peter Faricy, SunPower CEO. “Together with IKEA, we can help introduce the incredible benefits of solar to more people and deliver on our shared value of making a positive impact on the planet.”

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Solar Panels That Make Electricity at Night are Finally Here – And They’re Cheap and Don’t Need Batteries

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About 750 million people in the world do not have access to electricity at night. Solar cells provide power during the day, but saving energy for later use requires substantial battery storage.

Researchers from Stanford University constructed a photovoltaic cell that harvests energy from the environment during the day and night, avoiding the need for batteries altogether. The device makes use of the heat leaking from Earth back into space—energy that is on the same order of magnitude as incoming solar radiation.

“You want the thermoelectric to have very good contact with both the cold side, which is the solar cell, and the hot side, which is the ambient environment,” said author Sid Assawaworrarit. “If you don’t have that, you’re not going to get much power out of it.”

At night, solar cells radiate and lose heat to the sky, reaching temperatures a few degrees below the ambient air. The device under development uses a thermoelectric module to generate voltage and current from the temperature gradient between the cell and the air. This process depends on the thermal design of the system, which includes a hot side and a cold side.

The team demonstrated power generation in their device during the day, when it runs in reverse and contributes additional power to the conventional solar cell, and at night.

The setup is inexpensive and, in principle, could be incorporated within existing solar cells. It is also simple, so construction in remote locations with limited resources is feasible.

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Renewable energy company proposes 520-acre solar project in Rutland, Watertown

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WATERTOWN — A San Diego-based renewable energy company is proposing a 110-megawatt, 520-acre solar project in the towns of Rutland and Watertown.

The Rutland Center Solar Project would be built along Route 126 and Route 12, straddling the town lines of Rutland and Watertown. Borrego Energy is the developer.

One of the biggest solar projects proposed in the north country, the solar array is expected to produce enough electricity to power more than 18,000 homes, according to Borrego company officials.

The company has not started the application process with the state Office of Renewable Energy Siting. Construction is planned start in 2024 and it would not be in operation until a year later. The project would follow ORES’ 94-c permitting process and environmental review for large solar projects.

Borrego plans to file the application by the end of the year. The company also has a contract with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority under the 2020 Renewable Energy Standard solicitation.

“It’s in the early stages,” Borrego Senior Project Developer Leah Grossman said.

The company held an open house on Thursday at the Watertown Fire Department station, giving residents a chance to find out more about the project.

A few residents attending the open house said they had been aware of the project for a couple of years. The company was not required to start the public outreach for another four months.

“We wanted to get some public input early on,” Ms. Grossman said.

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California Erects Solar Panels Over Canal to Save Huge Supply of Water From Evaporation

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Could covering California’s irrigation canals save it from the current drought? Some scientists and engineers think so, and they also believe it could meet the state’s entire renewable energy commitments.

A proof of concept and pilot project in Turlock Irrigation District called Project Nexus will cover a mile-long stretch of canal in five megawatts worth of solar panels that will hopefully demonstrate increased renewable power generation, water quality improvements, reduced vegetative growth in the canals, and reduced water evaporation.

This is building on a 2021 Univ. of California Merced and UC Santa Cruz research team study which estimated that covering all the state’s canals with panels could prevent 65 billion gallons of fresh water loss through evaporation.

Formed in 1887, Turlock was the first irrigation district in California, and provides irrigation water to 4,700 growers who farm about 150,000 acres in the San Joaquin Valley. The project is due to break ground this year and finish up in 2024.

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