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Starbucks Workers Raise Over $40K for Beloved Barista After Her Car Was Burglarized

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Recently, hordes of West Virginia college kids who “couldn’t afford a cup of coffee” shelled out five dollars to help a motherly Starbucks barista buy a new car.

The Starbucks on the Marshall University Campus in Huntington, West Virginia, was always like a small family with Karen Collinsworth, 65, at the head of the table.

The decades-long supervisor at the famous coffee shop location loved what she did, as well as the teams of aspiring young students who made up her staff.

“I love coming into work knowing that she’s gonna be there. I talk to her about literally everything,” Cassie Gray, a sophomore at Marshall who works at Starbucks with Collinsworth, told TODAY. “She’s like my mom when I’m away from home and can’t talk to my mom.”

TODAY covered the story of an unfortunate double whammy of bad luck that befell Collinsworth when her car—a 2004 Kia that always had some kind of problem—was burglarized; the first thief taking the catalytic converter, and the second going in and stealing interior components.

At this point, Gray and her teammates, who always knew Collinsworth had trouble with her car, decided that there had to be something they could do to help.

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