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Watertown City School District looking to combat student vaping in restrooms

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WATERTOWN — During the Watertown City School District’s Board of Education meeting Tuesday evening, Superintendent Patricia B. LaBarr explained to those gathered that there has been a noticeable problem with students vaping in school restrooms. To combat this, the district is tightening things up when it comes to some restroom access.

While mostly relevant to the high school, Mrs. LaBarr said she has been working with administrators at both the high school and middle school, along with school resource officers.

“We have some serious concerns with the amount of vaping that’s been going on at the high school and as a result of that, some of the activities that are happening within the bathrooms,” Mrs. LaBarr said. “Mainly it was a high school conversation, but we want to make sure if anything is going on in the middle school that we address that as well.”

Mrs. LaBarr said students are going to the bathrooms to vape — sometimes up to four students go into one stall and shut the door, leaving other students that need to use the restroom unable to do so.

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North country school districts welcome students back for first day of school

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WATERTOWN — Standing hand in hand with her mother outside of the school she will most likely attend next year, a young girl anxiously waits for her older sister with a bouquet of flowers in hand ready to greet her Tuesday afternoon.

When Aubrey Walker, 4, spotted her older sister Alayna, 6, a first-grader at Starbuck Elementary School, she couldn’t contain her excitement, running down the path to give her a hug and the flowers she had waiting for her. Having been homeschooled as a kindergartener, this was Alayna’s first day away at school, so she was just as excited to see her little sister when the day was over. Clad in a white, sparkly sweater and proudly holding her flower bouquet, she held on to her sister for a bit, smiling all the while.

Their mother, Morgan J. Walker, said Alayna was excited, albeit a little nervous heading into her first day. She noted that she had the same nerves sending her little girl to school, but she was excited that her daughter was able to go and hopes that the year will turn out well.

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