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First Tarantula Found to Live in Bamboo Discovered by Wildlife YouTuber

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A wildlife YouTuber knew immediately when he saw a tarantula curled up in a stalk of bamboo: he had just discovered a new species.

What’s more, the discovery marked not only that of a new species, but a new genus, as none of the 1,000-strong member of the tarantula family has ever been documented living inside bamboo.

JoCho Sippawat is a Thai YouTuber with 2.5 million subscribers. The young man seeks out rainforest creatures in much the same way the television greats of yesteryear—Jack Hannah, Steve Irwin, and Jeff Corwin, used to.

After finding the spider near his home in Tak Province, Sippawat emailed a photo of the spider to arachnologist Narin Chomphuphuang of Khon Kaen University. His team spent the summer of 2020 surveying the area, and when they were finished they declared it new to science.

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