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The Thousand Islands

Why The Thousand Islands Is A Surprisingly Underrated Destination In Upstate New York

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When people speak of New York and holidays, typically most people think of visiting New York City and not Upstate New York. But all the way up through Upstate New York on the border with Canada is the stunning Thousand Islands. This is a stunning massive inland archipelago that has long since been a tourist destination in America. They are located on the Saint Lawrence River just as it meets Lake Ontario. On the Canadian side sits the province of Ontario and on the American side is Upstate New York.

This area was once the site of skirmishing between British North America (later to be known as Canada) and the newly formed United States in the War of 1812. Today there are historic battlefields and forts to visit. After that and ever since the Gilded Age it was been on the retreats and playgrounds for the wealthy elite of the continent. It also has a history of bootlegging during the days of prohibition.

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