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Public Square’s Wing Wagon closing after 39 years

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WATERTOWN — When she and her husband opened the Wing Wagon restaurant 39 years ago, many people in the north had no idea what a chicken wing was, Mary Ann Wert remembered.

“We had to teach them about them,” she recalled.

Two days after she announced that she was closing the Public Square takeout restaurant, Wing Wagon was swamped with customers wanting their last-minute chance to have the menu item that introduced the region to the chicken wing. She had to come in on her day off because it was so busy.

It will be 39 years ago on Wednesday that she and her husband Chuck opened Wing Wagon, but she ran the restaurant without him for the past four years. He died in 2017.

She was all set to give up the business when he passed away. A friend talked her out of not making a rash decision and reconsider it six months later.

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