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Abused and Stuck in Shelter for 450 Days ‘Mind-blowing’ Dog Charms Everyone at Rehab and Finds Forever Home

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Ali Paepke had very little hope that a dog named Neo would be able to fit in at her rehabilitation center.

The poor pooch had been in a shelter for over a year—more than 450 days, and was part of an ongoing animal abuse trial, which Paepke said typically creates an animal that’s difficult—and in many cases impossible—to rehabilitate into gentle domestic life.

But as soon as she saw the white pooch with black spots, the Manager for the Life-Saving Program at Best Friends Pet Resource Center said she was “blown away.”

“To meet a dog who had been through all of that who just immediately trusted you and immediately wanted attention from you was just mind-blowing… Neo was that one that I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re making a difference,’” said Paepke.

Neo was a victim of severe animal abuse, but it wasn’t long after arriving at Best Friends’ location in Central Arkansas that a forever home was finally in sight.

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Four Colombian Children Found Alive in Jungle Five Weeks After Plane Crash

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Four Colombian children from an indigenous community who survived a plane crash have been found alive after being lost five weeks in the jungle.

GNN reported two weeks ago about the plight of four Colombian children who miraculously survived a plane crash that killed all three adults on board.

At the time, rescuers were hot on their trail, and unconfirmed reports said they might have been found deep in the Guaviare province, but now the military rescue squad who had found cast-away items they were using to survive, finally managed to locate the youths and bring them home after a harrowing 5 weeks in the jungle.

Sounding like the beginning of a young adult novel series, the crash took place on May 1st on a route between the cities of Araracuara, in Amazonas province, and San Jose del Guaviare, a city in Guaviare province.

It took 2 weeks for Colombian military and rescue units to locate the crashed Cessna 206 light aircraft.

The units followed a trail of cast-away items, including a baby bottle, hair scrunchies, scissors, and plastic wrapping, to several areas where the children, aged 13, 9, and 4, along with a 12-month-old baby, sheltered and found food to eat.

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