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Heavy-Lift Drone Can Haul 220-Pounds of Cargo for Delivery, Aid, or Construction Companies

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A heavy-lifting drone is now on sale in Europe that can haul loads in excess of 200 pounds.

Called the FB3, it’s the first heavy-lifting drone with this level of versatility the market has seen, and the company envisions it as an irreplaceable asset for delivery and logistics companies, forestry and logging, and disaster relief.

Imagine 220 pounds, or 100 kilograms of food, aid, medicine, or disaster shelter, being able to be carried into remote locations quickly, without the need for a large landing area, and without any risk to the pilot or an expensive helicopter.

The FB3 is made by FlyingBasket, which wrote that “the journey with the FB3 drone has been marked by extensive testing and collaboration with customers across various industries, enabling them to tailor its capabilities to meet specific and relevant needs.”

The FB3’s outstanding heavy cargo transport and lifting capability has been rigorously demonstrated in a wide range of environments, including forests, wind parks, and urban settings. It can carry 70 kg, or around 147 pounds in its cargo hold, or 100 kg, around 220 pounds, in a basket or sling suspended from a hook on the drone’s undercarriage.

“The FB3 commercial availability is another milestone in the roadmap of FlyingBasket, who continuously commit to innovation, safety, and excellence within the drone industry. It represents a significant leap forward in cargo transportation possibilities,” states Moritz Moroder, the CEO of FlyingBasket.

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