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Uber Driver Returns $8,000 to Teen Who Left the Christmas Cash in His Car: ‘Do Something Good’

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An Alabama Uber driver should be on track for a stellar 2024 after doing “something good” and returning $8,000 cash a hopeful teenager had left in his vehicle.

Esbon Kamau has been an Uber driver for 4 years on and off, and the father of five really connected with a young client Alex Tisdale.

“He told me how his dad is proud of him and how he’s also very proud of him. And he said something which makes me feel very good,” Kamau said.

His dad had given Alex $8,000 cash to buy a new motorcycle, the teen explained over the course of a 15-minute ride to John Hawkins Parkway in Hoover, Alabama.

Dropping off Alex, Kamau was heading to retrieve another rider when he noticed a red, Christmas-themed bag in the back of the car, which he realized was filled with “quite a lot of money,” but reported it missing through the Uber app immediately.

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