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Watertown’s Flynn pool

Parents talk pros and cons of reopening Watertown’s Flynn pool

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WATERTOWN — Monday turned out to be a hot, sunny day in the north country, which drew people to Watertown’s water attractions.

Two of the water attractions — Thompson Park’s splash pad and the Steve D. Alteri Municipal Swimming Pool at the Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds — were busy with people looking to cool off from the summer sun.

The Thompson Park pool was closed Monday.

The city’s third pool, the William J. Flynn pool complex at North Elementary School, has been closed for the past two summers.

The city hired C&S Companies, Syracuse, to assess the Flynn pool and in a 48-page engineering report provided to the city, the firm has suggested either replacing the pool and updating the bathhouse at a cost of $4.13 million, or repairing the pool and bathhouse at an estimated cost of $2.913 million.

The City Council on Monday night resumed discussion of the Flynn pool and the C&S firm’s recommendations.

Some residents would like to see the pool reopened due to convenience and community investment.

“We actually live over by Leray Street so it’d be easier instead of having to travel all the way over here,” Dwayne Sullivan said Monday at the Alteri pool on the city’s west side.

Phoebus Lazaridis, who moved to Watertown in April 2017, said that on days when his family can’t get to a state park, they go to the city’s pools instead.

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