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A Map Shows Where Locals Can Find and Pick Wild Food for Free

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People suffering with the cost of living crisis are being offered help—a map which shows them where they can find and pick free wild food.

The Community Food Support Map shows people where food can be foraged, from vegan bacon alternatives to flower heads that can be used to make puddings.

Based in Rame, Cornwall, the social enterprise Family Foraging Kitchen created the map as a valuable resource source for all and a way to offset the rising cost of living.

“Despite delivering our free courses and food boxes, I felt we needed to do more to help,” company founder, Vix Hill-Ryder, said.

“The cost of living at the moment is so expensive that we no longer can afford to go into a supermarket and do a weekly shop.

“It just doesn’t stretch that far. Stretching that is the way forward—and I can show you how to do that simply just with a local hedgerow”.

The map shows people where they can find wild food in an area of Cornwall.

It described where you can discover “the best dulce”—a type of seaweed also known as sea lettuce flake—that makes a sustainable vegan bacon alternative.

With the cost of living crisis affecting the nation’s diets, households have experienced a reduction in both the frequency of meals they consume and their nutritional value.

In April alone we saw over two million residents skipped at least one meal because they could not afford or could not access food.

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