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Winter Wonderland

DPAO show turns Watertown stage into winter wonderland, complete with ‘ice’

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The 13 troupe members of Ice Creative Entertainment’s “Christmas Celebration on Ice” trudged through the snow to the Dulles State Office Building on Wednesday, where they hit the ice.

The ice, installed on stage Monday when the troupe arrived from Nashville, is artificial. But troupe members use real skates and their excitement is crystal clear for what they have planned for their debut performance in the traveling production for two shows on Saturday in Watertown.

“We’re excited to open in New York, and it’s snowing,” Alex Wilfand, founder of Ice Creative Entertainment and who has choreographed for Olympic-level athletes as well as celebrity figure skaters, said Wednesday. “It makes it very Christmassy, especially for some of us who aren’t even from this part of the country. It’s very nice.”

The Disabled Persons Action Organization will present “Christmas Celebration on Ice” at 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday.

The troupe will then head to Ohio, and then back east, which will include stops on Long Island, in Maine and North and South Carolina.

Principal skater Luke Munana was a competitive ice dancer who represented Mexico in international competition with his sister Laura Munana. They competed for the United States until 2004. After that, they competed at the Four Continents Championships and the World Figure Skating Championships for Mexico, as well as competing on the Grand Prix circuit.

Before arriving on Monday, the troupe rehearsed off ice in Nashville, Munana said.

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Patrick Chirico looks to turn downtown Watertown windows into a Winter Wonderland

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WATERTOWN — Patrick “Monkey” Chirico and his “Winter Windows” have made their return to downtown Watertown.

Mr. Chirico began the project last year in what he calls an “out of the back pocket, last minute idea” that he had with his friend, Devin Gillon, who is also a part of North Country Creative because he felt that the Square “just was like not a fun place.”

“Even at the bare minimum, just light up every window and then people feel excited, and more of this sense of safety and sort of community when you light up all the windows.” Mr. Chirico said.

After having a meeting with Neighbors of Watertown, he and his friends decided to decorate some of the windows downtown.

Last year, Mr. Chirico decided to just focus on one thing: zoetrope Christmas Trees.

The zoetrope Christmas Tree is a tree Mr. Chirico invented, what he calls a “cylinder stand-up zoetrope” that stands on a record player. He does this by putting an animation on the inside, and no device is needed to see the animation moving.

Mr. Chirico came up with the idea to make an eight-sided Christmas tree that when spinning, appears to look like it is talking. In addition to the talking Christmas tree, Mr. Chirico also had the idea of making talking snowflakes.

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