The Rock Church ‘keeps moving’ despite setbacks

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WATERTOWN — It’s been a tough start to the year for The Rock Church.

The house of worship at 24650 Hinds Road has been hit with a break-in at its garage, an attempted break-in to the church itself and befuddling, busted pipes that have caused water damage.

But the pastor of The Rock isn’t complaining about the situation.

“When I wanted to complain about everything in my life as a pastor and just a person, the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘Keep moving,’” said Myron K. Jamerson. “And that’s all I needed to hear. I dusted myself off and said I don’t have time for a pity party and moved forward.”

The setbacks at the church began the first week in January when it was discovered that someone had broken into the church’s garage. Someone had pried off the lock to the structure, and a gap was left in the wall in its rear. Pastor Jamerson isn’t certain if anything was taken from the garage.

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