The Values of Giving, Compassion and Family, Flourishing Across the World: Survey Shows

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A recent worldwide investigation into human goodness and thoughtfulness found that, delightfully, it’s broadly distributed across cultures even in difficult times. Far from being monopolized by benevolent-seeming social democracies, the degree to which humans will reach out a helping hand is strong no matter where one lives.

Using data from the World Giving Index, the World Bank, The Charities Aid Foundation, proprietary surveys, the Global Philanthropic Index, the WHO, and more, the postcard courier service MyPostcard has created the Most Thoughtful Societies Index.

In the ranking for overall private charitable contributions, the most thoughtful society is Indonesia, while coming in at number 2 is Australia.

In terms of international charitable contributions, i.e. the amount that people from one country donate to another as a percentage of gross national income, the United States’ philanthropists gave the most.

The U.S. is also the most compassionate society, as determined by measures of how much people feel they support one another. Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria follow before any other nations.

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