Time-Restricted Eating Could Prevent Work-Related Health Issues, Says New Study

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Time-restricted eating improved the health of firefighters by reducing the risks of heart disease linked with shift work, according to a new study.

Working long shifts, up to 24 hours at a stretch, could be behind a number of health issues, including higher rates of diabetes and heart attacks.

But firefighters who stuck to a time-restricted eating plan—wherein the time of day determines when a person can eat, in this case 10 hours daily—saw those risks reduced.

Researchers say that their findings, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, could help others who work long hours, such as military personnel, nurses, transportation drivers, as well as new parents, whose schedules go awry when caring for a new baby.

Little previous research had been done to identify lifestyle interventions that could help prevent the health risks of working shifts.

But a new American study found that time-restricted eating (TRE) could be safely practiced in shift workers.

The research team also showed that TRE provided benefits to participants who had indications of cardiometabolic disease, a group of common but often preventable conditions including heart attack, stroke, diabetes, insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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