Vermont Startup’s Electric Plane That Lifts-Off Vertically is Really Taking Off

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A Vermont-based company pioneering electric vertical take off and landing planes, or “eVTOL” in the industry, is attracting huge investment and orders from different transportation companies.

The company, called Beta, is now the only western aviation firm to really push the envelope of what is a science-fiction standard—a vehicle that can reach the altitude and speed of a jet, but with the flexible take off and landing of a helicopter.

It’s all happening very fast for what is now the most successful fundraiser in the history of Vermont startups. Beta just achieved their airworthiness certificate for their Alia plane from the U.S. Air Force last May, which represents the first eVTOL to make it that far off the drawing board. In early March of 2022, the Air Force conducted the first test flights.

Beta also recently completing a $375 million financing round, after which Alias were ordered by United Therapeutics to rapidly transport organs, and 10 were purchased by UPS, with the option for an additional 140 planes in the future.

Blade, a private shuttle company that flies passengers from Manhattan in helicopters around New York, ordered five Aliases and reserved up to 20 additional aircraft.

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