Veteran WWNY employee gets surprise from morning crew

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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – If you were watching 7 News This Morning today, you saw our morning crew bid happy retirement to one of the station’s longest serving employees.

Eric Amundsen retires next week, after 39 years as a broadcast technician at WWNY.

As we wrapped up our weekly segment with Chef Chris Manning, a special treat – a plate of meatballs prepared by Beth Hall and delivered by ‘Chef Alex’ (in reality, our own redoubtable Alex Eddy, our ace computer guy) – was carried into master control. You can watch the moment by clicking on the picture above this note.

A few words about Eric:

He’s done different jobs at WWNY, but really, his main job has been in what we call master control. It’s the part of the TV station which runs the shows and commercials going out for WWNY and for our Fox station, WNYF.

Master control is more than a little like an air traffic control tower. The person running it has to keep an eye on a bank of video monitors, feeding our signals for both stations to cable TV and satellite TV and plain old ordinary over the air, use your antenna TV.

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