Washington Summit medical center gets approval

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Developer Michael E. Lundy on Monday got the go-ahead to construct a 24,000-square-foot medical center at Washington Summit in the medical complex that he owns on outer Washington Street.

The project went through some changes. The facility will no longer be a 30,000-square-foot multi-tenant building, but will be the home of the medical center, with space for future expansion.

Jared Dickinson, an architectural draftsman for Lundy, said he could not identify the tenant on Monday.

But Lundy said last week that he would be able to release more information next month after he works out more details with the tenant about the building.

On Monday, the Planning Board approved the site plans for the medical center on the condition that the owner provides information about the exterior’s colors and about installing a traffic sign.

During the meeting, two women involved in nearby businesses expressed concerns about traffic driving through the sprawling medical office complex.

Dr. Jill Laureano-Surber, who owns a medical practice in the nearby LaSur building, and Amanda Williams, property manager for 22670 Summit Drive, told the planning board that they’ve seen numerous minor accidents on a road leading to Samaritan Summit Village.

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