Watertown Battalion Fire Chief talks firework safety

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This weekend, fireworks are expected to go off around the country, and they can be nice to look at. However, City of Watertown Battalion Fire Chief Ron Wareham is warning people that if not set off correctly, fireworks can turn dangerous.

One of the most common mistakes people make is drinking before setting off fireworks.

“Anybody who’s lighting fireworks shouldn’t be drinking, or should be drinking responsibly, not getting drunk,” Wareham said.

He said that even though fireworks sold in New York are New York state compliance, people bring in fireworks from outside the state.

Wareham added that even though the fireworks sold in the state are safer, it’s only safer if it’s fired off properly.

“They all have the potential to cause a fire or cause serious bodily injury or even death if it’s done wrong,” he said.

Other mistakes include not having a clear, safe area to launch the fireworks. People also shouldn’t have any kids up close, and when you go to light the firework making sure that everyone is far enough away.

Wareham said if you live on a small street and you have a big firework, you’ll be close to houses, you won’t know where it’s going to land, and if it tips over it could be launched at a house or people.

He also said not to hold a bottle rocket while setting them off.

“They’re not designed to be held by a human when they get launched,” he said. “They shouldn’t be holding onto them and then throwing them. They should be lit and moved away from, because you never know how quick a fuse is going to go off.”

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