What lessons does the last New York impeachment hold?

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The last time a governor of New York was impeached, Europe was inching toward World War I.

More than a century after the 1913 impeachment and removal of William Sulzer from elected office, state lawmakers may be heeding the lessons of that semi-forgotten drama.

Political analyst and Sulzer enthusiast Jack O’Donnell in an interview on Capital Tonight noted the Legislature achieved what amounted to a pyrrhic victory with Sulzer’s removal: Democrats lost the state Senate and Assembly as well as the governor’s office in the aftermath.

Now, as Democratic lawmakers this week outline their next steps in a potential impeachment of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee have plotted out a cautious approach. They plan to take witness testimony and review the reams of documentary evidence produced by investigators who probed the sexual harassment allegations leveled against Cuomo.

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