World’s Biggest Tree House Resort Is Opening Near Famous U.S. National Park

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For those one or two of you in the audience who grew up watching Swiss Family Robinson, a new resort in Tennessee will jump to the top of your destination list.

130 tree houses are slated to be built over the next few years in the woods near Great Smokey Mountains National Park, representing the largest tree house resort on earth.

Called Sanctuary Treehouse Resort, the idea came when an inter-generational, entrepreneurial Tennessee family called the Jensens decided that since their children were all grown up, they would rent out their childhood tree fort as such things were becoming popular glamping opportunities.

Once they saw how popular it was becoming, they decided to turn 40 acres into the largest collection of tree houses and forts in the world.

There are plans for three types of treehouse rentals: Tree Fort, Tree Fort Double, and The Luxe. Tree Fort will accommodate 2-6 guests and feature unique amenities such as a spiral slides. Doubles will feature unique ways to link the rooms mounted on different trees, such as rope bridges, and even drawbridges.

The Jensens are working with a mountain-modern architecture firm called MossCreek designs to fulfill their dreams. The first group of apartments will be ready and available for rental by the end of summer 2022, and each year will feature a few more until the resort is finally completed.

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